A few personal things

Welcome to my personal site. Here you will find only a few things concerning my life. Those aspects that I feel sharing with people or that I simply like to post so that they do not go forgotten. The page has to be considered continuously under construction, because life goes on, new adventures to be lived, but also new memories coming to mind.

The painting in the header is Guernica, from Picasso. I loved that one at first sight! I could not choose something different to represent myself.

The motto "Stay Human" is from Vittorio Arrigoni. May he rest in peace. You will be never forgotten.

Water is love

It came pretty early to me. I was a young 6 years old boy when my father brought me to a swimming pool. And I fell in love with it. Water became my element. It felt so natural being in it. So, I embraced it completely already as a child. I swam regularly until the age of 8. And then I stopped for three years. My father was sent to work in a different city and I was kind of sad about that. But when he was back, so was I in the swimming pool. When back my friends was making fun of me. They kept training and they become fast, but I was not. I discovered what it meant to compete... first with my self, then with the others. And soon I started juniores competition. My specialty was 50 metre free style. And at the age of 13, before summer of 1998, I became regional champion in the juniores competitions, that sent me to the national competition in Catania, Sicily, where I classified 8th over 52 participants. It was an amazing time! I trained for other two years, switching to 50 metre butterfly. Then the time was over. I could not train daily as much having to hold up with school and with friends. And my height stopped at 1.76 m. I could not compete further. So I decided to quit. But my home town celebrated me with a plate for sportiv merits. And that was a hell of acknowledgment for a young boy as I was.

My other biggest water passion was windsurfing. Never been a pro with that, but I started it at the age of 14 for fun during summer, but did not practice much. I picked it up again at the age of 32, and it was love again! Living in Germany does not allow me to practice it that much, but there have been fun times anyway.

Sea is life

This picture was taken in Santa Maria di Leuca, Italy. Everytime I look at it, it gives me peace and energy at the same time.

My windsurf

Summer was over and it was time to prepare my windsurf to come with me to Germany.

Music is passion 'cause passion is music

I have always been into music, since my early days as a teenager. I could not play an instrument, but I loved singing.

At the age of 18, I put some money aside so that I could buy a guitar and learn how to play. It was a very cheap western guitar. I started playing days and nights. It was one of the most engaging experience of my life. After a short time, I was able to start playing basic things. That is when, together with some friends, I found how interesting it could be to write songs. I was writing music, and a friend of mine was writing the lyrics. Within few months, we collected around 30 new songs. We did not have much money, so we could not efford a studio to record them all. But we managed to record some few of them. This little album was named Is there something under the sky? You can find those few songs here.

Meanwhile, I took private lessons of jazz guitar. I enjoyed improvising solos. I made treasure of them and I still do. When I moved to Germany, though, I did not play my guitar for almost one year. When I went back to it, my fingers were feeling slow, heavy, hard to move. That is when I realized my interest in guitars was more based on the wish of using as a creation tool to write new pieces rather than on the technicalities of playing. After a few experiments with some people, I found three friends who would share with me the passion for song-writing and arrangements. In that case, I finally took the place I always desired: singer and second guitar. Within a couple of months, I had written 9 new songs, lyrics and music. And I have arranged them with these dear friends. I bought myself a recording studio, because as usual investing money into this has always been an issue. I recorded all the songs. This took so much time and effort, but the final result gave me so much joy. All this work ended in an album called Beyond the good and back, a sort of rearrangement of the famous book "Beyond the good and bad" from Friedrich Nietsche, a book that strucked me a lot as a teenager boy. The songs can be found here.

And then it was the summer of 2014, when I was offered to play the character of Rino Gaetano in a musical that would have toured in the month of August for a total of 13 live exhibitions. Although I was quite nervous at first, I then accepted the offers. Here the audio recording of the live held in my home town, Lucera, the night of the 18th August 2014. I hope you will enjoy it!

My blog - A place for freedom

For those of you who know me since long time, you might be aware of my blog and you might have even read it a couple of times. I have started having a blog long time ago, when people would communicate over Microsoft MSN. Do you still remember that? It was the Microsoft's messaging application, the one that Microsoft abandoned when they acquired Skype. I really enjoyed that chat! You'd have your list of friends, you could videocall, you could play an online game with them. And you could have your blog connected to your account. When MSN closed, I decided to keep my posts. So, I made a Wordpress account that I kept for long. Now, that blog has been recently moved to my own personal server, and I still use it. It is the place where I can lay my thoughts down, in total freedom, without having to adhere to some socially-accepted rules or schema. A place where I can use any writing style, I can swear if I want to, I can open my soul and feelings, a place for freedom! If you want to give it a look, hoping you'll enjoy taking a different tour in my thoughts, you can find it here.